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Our Board Prep Instruction Helps You Achieve

During her time working for the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix campus, Linda was instrumental in helping to develop and carry out two very important programs. These included assessing and aiding struggling students and facilitating a robust city-wide faculty development seminar and worship series. Both programs served the students and faculty extremely well in their learning and teaching roles.

Jacqueline A. Chadwick, M.D.
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Linda Carr, Ph.D. is a talented highly accomplished educator who has successfully created innovative curriculum, course work and has produced highly acclaimed presentations and programs to foster and enhance academic medical faculty development. She has also guided physicians to successful board certification through private consultative programs and professional services.

Michael Grossman, M.D., MACP
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Maricopa Integrated Health System

I have had the distinct pleasure and advantage of being coached by one of the best in the field – Linda Carr. She provided me with the opportunity to go beyond what I had dreamed possible. I was coached on a very personal level in preparation for my board re-certification. During this timeframe, she challenged me, and made me think of so much more than I thought I could initially. She challenged me to keep on task and to make and set real goals that could be accomplished. She kept me on track to the end, which was the final taking of the boards. The outcome is history, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Barbara A. Stewart, M.D.
Phoenix, Arizona

Many students have been wisely and successfully guided as they made study plans to repeat failed shelf exams or NBME tests. Most importantly, the plans always came with a large dose of encouragement and emotional support. Who wouldn’t be more confident with her warm smile and gentle voice behind them? Linda is the ‘teaspoon of sugar’ that made ‘the medicine go down’.

J. Kipp Charlton, MD
Director, Student Counseling
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Dr. Carr’s holistic approach helped me to do well on my exams. In addition, I learned skills that have continued to help me succeed in my career.

Jessica Ybarra, M.D.
Phoenix, Arizona

Learning Communities Create an Environment of Constant Improvement

Dr. Carr and I have worked together in a learning environment and as project managers and my experiences have been both delightful and productive. Dr. Carr’s depth of knowledge and her insights about adult learning and on-line teaching strategies have significantly contributed to the success of our collaborative efforts. As a learning facilitator, she is creative, supportive and persistent, and she’s never satisfied until the learner identifies appropriate resources to achieve his/her learning goals. Her enthusiasm for meaningful, significant learning serves to encourage those around her toward excellence in teaching.

Carol Hatler, Ph.D., R.N.
Director Nursing Research
St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center Phoenix, Arizona

The FLC … has brought back collaboration and creative thinking into my work environment. It provided a safe place to express my raw ideas and learn from others how they would grow these ideas.

Family Practitioner

We found that teachers of all disciplines had common barriers including finding time to work on worthwhile learning objectives and on our projects. The FLC experience places me in a better position to identify and use resources for research projects, to receive constructive feedback, and ways to present my projects in terms of the organization’s priorities.


The design and format of each learning session allowed me to set aside time to focus on specific aspects of teaching and learning and exploring each topic contributed to my repertoire and confidence as an adult educator.

Nursing Researcher

The FLC is an academic endeavor. The participants were all active. We taught each other and that made us all realize that there is nothing we can’t accomplish. The FLC is lifelong learning in action.

Pediatric Physician

Peak Performance in Your Staff Through Leadership and Vision

One of the things I most admire about Dr. Carr is that she is an extremely effective leader. She succeeds by fostering collaborations across disciplines and institutions. She motivates others to strive for excellence in medical education, just as she does. Her positive attitude, boundless energy and enthusiasm enable her to inspire others to develop their passions to tackle innovative and creative educational projects. She is a person of vision, and sets the course for the endeavors she facilitates.

Grace L. Caputo, M.D., M.P.H.
Director of Medical Education - Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Director - Phoenix Children's Hospital/ Maricopa Medical Center Pediatric Residency Program
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics - University of Arizona College of Medicine