Board Preparation for Individuals

Just as athletes undergo intensive preparation and training for peak performance, physicians and other health science professionals need a strategic study plan for efficient preparation and success on their boards.

For busy professionals, finding the time and knowing how to maximize their study efforts is a challenge. So, a coach might just be the answer. A learning coach can help you create a successful study plan and offer “just-in-time” strategies to expand your learning potential.

Successful BOARD PREPARATION Practices is a unique program for physicians and other health science professionals developed by Dr. Linda Carr, a Medical Educator and Professional Learning Coach. Linda helps ease the board preparation process by assessing readiness for boards and providing resources and strategies to increase the chance for success. The program is based on best evidence practices as well as years of successfully coaching physicians in many specialties at various levels of board preparation.

Who are Our Clients

  • Physicians in residency, fellowship, or in practice, who are preparing for written medical boards (i.e., certification, re-certification, or licensure)
  • First-time candidates or repeaters who have been unsuccessful in previous attempts
  • Physicians in a variety of medical specialties (e.g., Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Pediatric Pulmonology, Psychiatry)
  • Other health professionals preparing for state or national boards

Our Program Offers

  • A FREE informational interview with Dr. Carr to assess your educational background, test performance, and readiness for board preparation
  • A personalized Action Plan to guide your board preparation efforts
  • Twelve (12) 30-minute coaching sessions with Dr. Carr over a three or four-month period
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions via phone conference or video conference
  • Monthly study schedules based on the content grid of the board exam and your testing performance
  • Feedback on your progress—clients self-assess their work (i.e., habits of study, current challenges) and provide data on their self-testing prior to each session
  • A supportive working partnership, where coach and client work together as a team
  • Within 24 hours of each session, clients receive a summary of their progress with additional tips, techniques, and tools to diversify their study skills and expand their learning potential

How to Sign Up

  • Complete the online Board Prep Application
  • Contact Dr. Carr at, or call 509-985-9091 to schedule an informational interview to discuss your needs and learn more about the program
  • Submit your full payment when you sign and return (via email) your Learning Contract

Board Prep Curriculum

Learning How to Learn

  • Active learning strategies that make material “stick”
  • Retrieval practice to improve learning and understanding
  • Multi-sensory approach to learning
  • Using metacognitive strategies to increase mindfulness
  • Concept / mind maps for visualizing topic associations
  • Strategic reading of texts and journals
  • Balanced lifestyle—nutrition, exercise, positivity, etc.
Time Management

  • Monthly study schedules based board exam blueprint
  • Goal setting, accountability
  • Daily board prep study planner
  • Using a timer
  • Using review cycles
  • One day off per week (no study)
  • Controlling use of electronic media while studying
  • Special preparation for Test Day(s)

Test Taking Strategies

  • Focus on high-yield topics on test blueprint
  • Read multiple choice questions (MCQs) critically
  • Analyze MCQs and learn how to correct mistakes
  • Identify bad test-taking habits
  • Tips on guessing
  • Write MCQs based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Stress-Anxiety Reduction

  • Breathing exercises
  • Posture check
  • Focus attention on the MCQs
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Believe in yourself
  • Use positive affirmations frequently
  • Become stress-hardy

Linda L. Carr, PhD, is CEO and Founder of Faculty Ed Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm providing professional development programs and individual coaching to physicians and other health care professionals. With a background in Medical Education, Learning and Teaching, and Higher Education, Dr. Carr has developed a unique board preparation program to help individuals develop a “Game Plan”, diversify their study skills, and enhance their test taking skills. To find out how Linda can help make your board preparation successful, more efficient and effective, contact her at, or call 509-985-9091. Get started by downloading her 50 Tips for Successful Board Passage and complete the Board Prep Request.