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Overwhelmed or frustrated with preparing for your national board exam? We provide coaching and board preparation customized to your needs.
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Peak Performance

We help health professions educators and learners achieve peak performance.
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The SNAPPS Clinical Learning-Teaching Model changes preceptors to teacher-as-facilitators and allows medical students and residents to take greater initiative in the conversation.
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Faculty Learning Communities

Create effective faculty development venues that involve focused consultation and facilitator training.
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Faculty Ed Solutions provides innovative medical education
for health care professionals.

Our Board Exam Coaching Program is designed for faculty, residents, students preparing for national board examinations.

Board exam coaching

Our coaching program is designed for medical residents, fellows, physicians in practice, and other health care professionals preparing for In-Service Training Exams or national boards. Coaching is customized for each client and is available through video conferencing.

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innovative medical education for educators and students

Professional development

We provide innovative professional development programs for educators and learners in the health professions. These services are offered onsite, online through teleconference or video conference, or in a blended format.


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Professional partnerships bring value to our program for you.


We share our expertise on various aspects of healthcare education, including board preparation, test taking strategies, self-directed learning, teaching/mentoring, professional development, clinical experiences, and more.


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